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Our Law Firm Consists of Board-Certified Estate Planning Lawyers Who Serve Sarasota and Bradenton, Florida.

We provide for all of your estate planning needs

As a law firm that has been practicing in the Sarasota County community for more than 40 years, we take pride in helping our friends, neighbors and community members with all their estate planning needs. Our lawyers have decades of combined experience in Estate Planning and Estate and Trust Litigation in Sarasota and Bradenton, Florida. Our paralegals and staff members are knowledgeable about estate planning and give valuable assistance toward a satisfactory Estate Planning experience. When it comes to wills, trusts, eldercare and related matters in the Sarasota and Bradenton area, Lyons, Beaudry & Harrison, P.A. is well-respected.

Skilled attorneys creating wills and trusts and guiding you in all aspects of estate and trust administration

Our lawyers know that wills, trusts and estates are the cornerstones of a good estate plan. We help you prepare a sound plan that ensures your assets are distributed as you see fit.

Probate and trust administration — Many estates enter probate once the owner has passed away, and the owner’s trust becomes irrevocable. The administration of a probate and a trust involves a complex set of rules and procedures. The probate and trust administrator must carefully review all estate planning documents, ensure that the estate is properly administered, pay all debts and provide heirs with their devised assets and property. Our attorneys help you navigate the probate and trust administration process and represent you in any probate or trust litigation.

Contested wills and trusts — You may contest a will or a trust if you believe it to be invalid because of the signer’s inability to make sound decisions at the time of signing.

Probate litigation — Probate administrators have duties to the beneficiaries of the estate and must follow the terms of the will. There are also a number of statutory rights that a beneficiary can assert. If you believe that your probate administrator has been derelict or your rights need to be protected, you can challenge the actions and protect your rights in probate litigation.

Trust litigation — Trust administrators have duties to the trust’s beneficiaries. If you believe that your trust administrator has been derelict, you can challenge the actions in trust litigation.

Helpful advice on asset management in complex estate plans

Large estates that include businesses, large parcels of land or significant wealth and investments are often complex and require skilled, knowledgeable attorneys to handle estate planning and wealth management.

Establishing guardianships

Modern medicine has made it possible to live to an advanced age, but sometimes we lose our ability to manage our own affairs. If you do not have a proper estate plan in place, a court can appoint a guardian to manage your financial and medical affairs. Our firm has experience with elder law and guardianships and can help you establish a plan that’s right for you and avoid guardianship. If guardianship does become necessary, we can guide you through the process.

Guardianship litigation — Sometimes estate planning documents are changed by the undue influence of others, or you may want to fight an attempt to establish a guardianship. Our attorneys’ knowledge of estate planning and experience in guardianship proceeding can help you through the difficulties of guardianship litigation.

Appointing power of attorney and healthcare directives

Power of Attorney — Sometimes illness leaves us unable to make medical decisions or other decisions for ourselves. Establishing a power of attorney with a trusted individual is a key element of your estate plan.

Healthcare directives and living wills — A healthcare directive makes your wishes known in the event that illness makes it impossible for you to communicate your requests. A living will establishes what lifesaving measures you are willing to undergo to extend your life.

Real estate closings and real property litigation

Our attorneys have experience with real estate closings and real property litigation. We navigate you through all aspects of your Real Estate Closing including:

  • Review of the Purchase and Sales Contract
  • Mortgage Documents
  • Title Search
  • Liens
  • Attachments
  • Judgments

We handle all aspects of the closing including the Issuance of Title Insurance. We are experienced in all aspects of real property transfers, transactions and litigation.

Contact a real estate closing and real property litigation lawyer in Sarasota and Bradenton, Florida

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