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Inheritance Disputes

Inheritance disputes include not only will contests, trust contests, estate probate litigation and trust litigation, but a broad range of issues relating to transfers made and documents executed by a person with diminished capacity. There are many ways in which family, “friends” and neighbors take advantage of the elderly and interfere with the inheritance of others. All too frequently, real property and financial accounts are transferred to these predators by the execution of a deed or simply taking the elderly person to a bank. Powers of attorneys are abused and assets are improperly transferred to the attorney-in-fact.  Caretakers can take advantage through excess wages or other means. An unscrupulous person can seek to become the caretaker of a settlor’s trust assets during the lifetime of the settlor.

If you are a family member of an elderly person, you must act quickly to intervene.

There are a number of ways to remedy the abuse and prevent future abuse. The best prevention is the creation and implementation of a properly drafted estate plan.

A skilled estate planning and estate litigation attorney can help

It’s important to protect elderly people who are suffering from diminished mental capacity from being taken advantage of by predators. Working with a lawyer who has experience in estate planning, estate litigation and trust litigation allows you to  protect your interests during this difficult time, with as little stress as possible.

Make an appointment with a talented Sarasota estate planning and estate litigation lawyer

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