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Assisting Clients Through Contentious Inheritance Disputes

Inheritance disputes include not only will contests, trust contests, estate probate litigation and trust litigation, but a broad range of issues relating to asset transfers made and changes to beneficiary designations executed by a person with diminished capacity.

These transfers and beneficiary designation changes may affect assets that are not part of a probate estate or trust. For instance, a majority of the assets owned by the elderly may consist of retirement accounts such as a 401(k) or an IRA or other financial accounts. An elderly person may own a life insurance policy. For each of these assets, the elderly person may have executed a beneficiary designation naming a family member or other loved one to receive the asset upon death. A person may take the elderly to a financial institution to have that person “added” to the financial account or participate in the transfers or changes to the beneficiary designations. The transfer of these assets, changes to the beneficiary designations and changes to the title of financial accounts can significantly alter the intended estate plan of the elderly, as well as significantly impact the financial well-being of the elderly during their lifetime.

The best way to address this cognitive decline and help prevent elderly financial abuse is with an estate plan that contemplates the possibility of diminished capacity and incorporates preventative measures to protect the elderly from financial exploitation.

The legal grounds to challenge these transfers and changes to the financial accounts are the same as for a will or trust contest. The proceedings to contest these transfers and changes are filed in a civil proceeding and may include a tort claim for the tortious interference with an inheritance. If the asset was owned solely by the elderly person prior to the transfer, the personal representative of the probate estate may have the sole authority to file the lawsuit.

The issues involving such inheritance disputes are complicated. The attorney representing your interests must not only possess the knowledge and experience relating to estate planning matters but also be a skilled litigation attorney.

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