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Issues that can spark family probate battles

On Behalf of | Jun 12, 2023 | Estate Planning

When a Florida family member dies, those who may be heirs or beneficiaries to their estates are typically notified by the person responsible for settling the estate. If someone dies without a last will and testament, the estate becomes intestate, and assets are distributed according to state laws of succession. In either case, it is not uncommon for family discord to arise regarding estate issues.  

In some cases, such discord becomes a full-blown family crisis, with certain members no longer speaking to one another. Sadly, if the problems are not resolved, it can cause a lifelong rift. There are several issues that often spark contention in a family regarding a loved one’s estate.  

Wealth, business, divorce and sibling rivalry  

If a decedent’s loved ones disagree about an inheritance or someone believes that there is a legitimate reason for contesting a will, it can cause a dispute. Four issues — wealth, business, divorce and sibling rivalry — are often the central focus of probate problems between family members. For example, if siblings have not been given an equal inheritance, it can cause contention between them, as well as legal problems. If a divorce and remarriage occurred before the decedent passed away, children from one relationship might oppose assets being given to a stepparent or stepsiblings. Business issues may also lead to probate problems, especially if a particular son or daughter assumed that he or she would inherit the business but discovers that other provisions have been included in the will.  

Where to turn for probate litigation support 

Most Florida families would agree to that it is best to resolve probate disputes as amicably and swiftly as possible. It is best to consult with a probate and estate law attorney rather than trying to handle a probate dispute without professional guidenace. Acting alongside experienced guidance is often the key to achieving a positive outcome in a timely manner.