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Florida residents at risk for elder fraud

On Behalf of | May 7, 2024 | Elder Abuse

Many people flock to Florida in retirement. Some come as “snowbirds” who live here during winter months and then return to their primary residences in the summers. Others stay here year-round. In either case, anyone older than 60 who is living in this state may be at risk for elder fraud.

In 2023, Florida elders lost a combined total of more than $300 million to fraudsters. Many of them fell victim to schemes conducted over the phone. Callers would inform elders that they were lottery winners, then request money to cover so-called fees, such as shipping and handling.

FBI representative says elder fraud is rampant throughout the state

FBI agents say Florida residents and others throughout the country are being targeted for elder fraud. In addition to lottery scams, many people have lost money because of investment schemes and romance fraud as well. Also, at least 300 elders were drawn into fraud schemes in 2023 where scammers impersonated government officials.

Whether an individual is living in a private residence or assisted living facility, elder fraud may be lurking just around the corner. Financial fraud is a type of elder abuse and is punishable by law. A Florida attorney who is experienced in elder law litigation can provide strong support and guidance to anyone who has suffered financial loss because of an elder fraud scam.