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Elder abuse issues that may place a loved one at risk

On Behalf of | Sep 24, 2023 | Elder Abuse

The thought of someone abusing an elderly loved one is enough to cause severe stress, worry and anxiety. People cannot be with their family members around the clock, especially if the loved one resides in a Florida nursing facility. Sadly, elder abuse is a problem throughout this state and the rest of the country, as well.  

Information regarding risk factors, perpetrators and where to seek support when needed enables families to protect their loved ones. There are several types of abuse that may cause an aging parent or family member to be put in harm’s way. Concerns about a loved one’s safety, health and well-being should always be investigated.  

Multiple risks  

If someone takes advantage of an older person and misuses his or her assets, it constitutes financial abuse. Perpetrators of this type of abuse are often people who rely on their victims for emotional support, shelter or financial assistance.  Elder abuse also occurs when care providers fail in their duty to provide quality care regarding issues like nutrition, hygiene, medical support and more. Perpetrators of psychological elder abuse often use scare tactics — yelling, profanity or threats of physical harm — to manipulate and control their victims. Physical abuse causes severe injuries to many older people, sometimes even including sexual assault. 

Investigating elder abuse in Florida 

It is always best to request a meeting with administrators to obtain an explanation regarding abuse symptoms. If satisfactory answers are not provided, additional support may be sought from local law enforcement agencies. If a loved one appears frightened or stressed when a particular worker enters the room, has unexplained injuries, mentions being kept isolated from other residents or appears disheveled and unkempt, a thorough investigation is warranted. Florida law allows victims of elder abuse to seek justice by filing personal injury claims in civil court.