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Elder abuse in Florida nursing homes

On Behalf of | Mar 14, 2024 | Elder Abuse

Helping a loved one transition to an assisted living facility can be stressful. Sadly, substandard care is a primary concern in many Florida nursing homes.  Elder abuse occurs and may involve physical injuries, but can also be associated with financial schemes, as well as emotional or psychological mistreatment.

It can be difficult to identify elder abuse because many nursing home residents experience certain issues as part of the aging process or because of a pre-existing health condition. For example, many older people are finicky eaters and will complain about the food they are being served, perhaps even refusing to eat it. Then, they will tell their loved ones that they are hungry all the time. This is not necessarily a sign of abuse or neglect. However, constant hunger, loss of weight or chronic thirst may be symptoms of neglect or abuse.

Symptoms of elder abuse in nursing home residents

The following list shows red flag issues that are often associated with elder abuse:

  • Disheveled appearance, lack of personal hygiene
  • Soiled clothing or bed linens
  • Agitation or fear when a particular staff member enters the room
  • Physical injuries, especially those that have not been adequately explained
  • Bed sores
  • Under or overuse of prescribed medications
  • Money missing or being given to someone, especially a caregiver

All these issues are matters of concern regarding possible elder abuse. If nursing home staff members or administrators cannot provide a reasonable explanation, it is best to seek additional support through the patient advocate system or local law enforcement.

Navigating the aftermath of nursing home neglect or abuse

There is no excuse for elder abuse.  No matter how short-staffed a Florida nursing home might be or how overworked staff members are, every patient is entitled to quality care and safety. An attorney well-versed in elder law issues can provide much-needed support to any family who is dealing with neglect, abandonment or abuse of a loved one in a nursing home.