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Florida commissioner charged with elder abuse

On Behalf of | Apr 11, 2024 | Elder Abuse

A Florida commissioner is facing criminal charges regarding her interactions with a 96-year-old constituent. An assistant commissioner stated that the office wants to make it clear that the commissioner has been indicted for alleged crimes as a private citizen, not in an official capacity. She is facing charges of elder abuse and fraud.  

Allegedly, the commissioner purchased a home valued at more than $400,000, somehow adding the elderly woman as a co-signer, although she was said to be unaware of the transaction. The commissioner is further accused of using more than $15,000 of the woman’s money to renovate another home she was living in, which was owned by the older woman. Investigators say she used the elderly woman’s money for luxuries, including spa visits and hotel stays. 

Community service led to elder abuse 

Investigators say that the accused individual became acquainted with the elderly woman several years ago and had extended a helping hand to her on numerous occasions, such as organizing the clean-up of her home. After some time, the woman granted the commissioner power of attorney. The commissioner then allegedly financially exploited the woman for several years.  

These elder abuse and fraud charges have brought an end to the commissioner’s 11 years of service to the Orlando community. While no others have come forward to accuse her of abuse or fraud, many older people throughout Florida have fallen victim to similar schemes. Attorneys experienced in elder law issues can provide support to those who wish to learn more about the civil lawsuit process.